JJD's HVAC and Building Automation Group has a broad background working with Mechanical Contractors to assist in getting HVAC and BAS projects completed on-time and within budget. Whether you need an HVAC system that is running at peak efficiency, or an integlligent security system that integrates into your SMART building, JJD has the expertise to make sure the job is done right.

HVAC and Building Automation

Services Provided

  • Equipment/System Installation Per Engineered Specifications
    • Installation of new or upgrade boiler controls and electrical power
    • Installation of new or upgrade chiller controls and electrical power
    • Replace or retrofit controls for AHU's, H+V Univents, VAV's, RTU's, Split systems and VRF Units
  • Networking Platforms
    • BACnet
    • Modbus
    • Lonworks
  • Controllers
    • Honeywell
    • Schneider
    • Johnson
  • Electrical
    • Upgrade circuitry when 1-phase equipment is converted to 3-phase
JJD Electric controllers
From construction to commissioning through start-up and maintenance, we are prepared for today’s industry challenges.
JJD Electric controllers

Instrumentation Devices

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Discharge & Return Air Temperature Probes
  • Return Air Temperature Probes
  • Mixed Air Temperature Capillary
  • Freeze Stat Low Limit Capillary
  • Damper Actuators
  • Outside Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Filter Differential Pressure Sensors & Transmitters
  • Hot Water Valve Actuators
  • Power Metering
    • KWh/Peak Demand/Quality
    • Peak Demand
    • Power Quality
  • Header Well Temperature Sensors
  • Boiler Pump Start/Stop Relays
  • Well-Type Differential Pressure Sensors
System monitoring

Sample Project Description

Hamilton Township Energy Savings Improvement Project-22 Schools
  • Network Lonworks Bus Wiring trough
  • 90% Replacement Boiler Control Devices and Spyder Boards
NJ Department of Transportation
  • New BACnet Communication Bus
  • Boiler Control Devices replaced
  • Power Consumption Metering installed
  • Installed Control Wiring for all New Equipment and Existing Equipment