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HVAC and Building Automation

Service Provider

HVAC and Building Automation Service Provider

JJD’s HVAC and Building Automation group has a broad background working with Commercial and Industrial facilities. Decades of Energy Savings and HVAC projects enable us to provide support for Capital Projects & Facility Maintenance.

HVAC and Building Automation

Services Provided

  • Equipment/System Installation Per Engineered Specifications
    • Installation of new or upgrade boiler controls and electrical power
    • Installation of new or upgrade chiller controls and electrical power
    • Replace or retrofit controls for AHU's, H+V Univents, VAV's, RTU's, Split systems and VRF Units
  • Networking Platforms
    • BACnet
    • Modbus
    • Lonworks
  • Controllers
    • Honeywell
    • Schneider
    • Johnson
  • Electrical
    • Upgrade circuitry when 1-phase equipment is converted to 3-phase
JJD Electric controllers
From construction to commissioning through start-up and maintenance, we are prepared for today’s industry challenges.
JJD Electric controllers

Instrumentation Devices

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Discharge & Return Air Temperature Probes
  • Return Air Temperature Probes
  • Mixed Air Temperature Capillary
  • Freeze Stat Low Limit Capillary
  • Damper Actuators
  • Outside Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Filter Differential Pressure Sensors & Transmitters
  • Hot Water Valve Actuators
  • Power Metering
    • KWh/Peak Demand/Quality
    • Peak Demand
    • Power Quality
  • Header Well Temperature Sensors
  • Boiler Pump Start/Stop Relays
  • Well-Type Differential Pressure Sensors
System monitoring

Sample Project Description

Hamilton Township Energy Savings Improvement Project-22 Schools
  • Network Lonworks Bus Wiring trough
  • 90% Replacement Boiler Control Devices and Spyder Boards
NJ Department of Transportation
  • New BACnet Communication Bus
  • Boiler Control Devices replaced
  • Power Consumption Metering installed
  • Installed Control Wiring for all New Equipment and Existing Equipment